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We used the AccuScope 1/4" MOA reference this season and it was VERY helpful in sighting in our rifles. As a matter of fact, the rifle I sighted in using your reference guide shot a 5x6 bull this hunting season. Thanks to Chris for prompt service and expediting my order so we would have your product to use.

Jeremy S.
Butte, MT

My experience in the world of hunting, shooting and fishing is extensive. I have shot rifles and fished for more than 30 years. In addition, I have fished on the Professional Walleye Trail for five years. Having this experience also allowed me to meet hundreds of people who are also avid hunters and shooters. I have been on numerous big game hunts where having your rifle sighted in was critical for correct shot placement. In order to have the correct shot placement, one must know how to accurately zero in a scope. Many times in the field, I have had to readjust my scope to various field distances. The first thing a hunting guide will have you do, prior to going into the field, is to verify that your firearm is sighted in. I had the opportunity try out the chart and was very pleased with the results. Whether in the field or at the range, AccuScope will get the job done. I would recommend this product to any hunter or shooter.

Pete Parkinson
Ankeny, Iowa

I received the charts and material that you sent me. I was able to understand and work the calculations easily and that is something for a former “jarhead”. The concept seems sound and should prove very beneficial to shooters and hunters alike. Bore sighting the weapon in the case of a bolt action or utilizing a laser bore sight would still prove beneficial for most people to ensure your 3-shot group gets on paper. I have seen many newly scoped mounted rifles not even shoot on paper to start with. Once on paper, your chart will be terrific and save time and ammunition. I am anxious to try out the charts however it is snowing here in Oregon.

Thanks again for the charts and I will be back at you after I use them...

I finally was able to get out and shoot on Thursday. I used your charts on three rifles I was checking the zero on and getting ready for the sage rat season here in Oregon. The charts worked as advertised! I shot at both 100 and 200 yards on a known distance range. As we discussed before, experienced shooters who understand minute of angle might not need the charts, however there are enough shooters out there who do not know or simply don’t want to do the math, especially without a calculator or pen and paper in the field. The charts can save time, ammunition, and frustration on the part of the shooter. I will have no problem endorsing your product...

I had the opportunity recently to use AccuScope’s 1/4and 1/2 MOA Scope Chart on three rifles that I was sighting in with new or different scopes. The rifles were all bolt actions and I traditionally bore sighted them with the bolts removed. I must admit that my initial impression regarding the Scope Chart was less than enthusiastic. I thought it to be just another gimmick. I like to first sight in rifles with scopes at 25 yards, even though bore sighting is used, I find that less time, difficulty, and ammunition is expended. Once the rifle is sighted in at 25 yards, it is very easy to sight in at 100 or 200 yards. The only problem that occurs is when shooting at distances less than 100 yards; the number of click adjustments necessary to zero the scope become greatly increased. This is where the Scope Chart really helps. The chart quickly and accurately gives you the number of click adjustment necessary for zero thereby saving time, ammunition, and math calculations. The only error that can occur, and this will occur regardless of the system used to zero a rifle, is that scope clicks do not always reflect the minute of movement they indicate. However, should this occur, the chart will still be close enough in accuracy to accomplish the sight in correctly. I really like this product and can recommend it to anyone involved in shooting scoped firearms.

Ronnie Frigulti
Police Training Consultants

I received my shipment on Thursdays mail. I tried the 1/4" Chart out this morning on a Browning Bar .270 with a Nikon 3-9x50mm scope with 1 click = 1/4" @ 100 yards.

I started out at 25 yards, made my adjustments and in 1 shot was zeroed on target. Then I moved out to 100 yards and shot 1 time, took a reading of target, and referred to the chart for adjustment change. I made the adjustment and shot a 3 shot group on target and took a measurement.

3 shots and I was zeroed in. That is a total of 6 bullets. That saved me both money and time. Thanks for helping speeding up and making the Accuscope a vital tool for the hunter and target shooters.

Henry T.
North Carolina

I went to NRA's indoor 50 yd range to sight in a Ruger M77 Magnum in 375 using a Leupold 1.5-5x20mm scope. Your product worked perfectly - and at 50 yds, I had all three rounds exactly where I wanted them, and all touching making a perfect triangle!

Al M.

I am avid outdoorsman, here in the West, and travel very often to enjoy my sport. Because of that, I was looking for a tool that would help decrease both the time and pain (recoil), and cost (Premium ammunition) of sighting in my .300 Win Mag whenever I needed. Let me say one word: WOW!

The chart is EXTREMELY easy to understand, and as promised, I was sighted in within only 4 shots! It was so easy, and I was done so quickly, others at the range asked if they could use the chart as well. I almost NEVER expect a product to perform, let alone OUTperform, to their claims, but your product truly does that.

I used AccuScope to sight in my .300 Win Mag, just as described; I was all sighted in within 4 shots. The picture contained within is my 5th shot! 500 lb. Spike Bull Elk, taken on opening day (Saturday, October 31, 2009) of Washington State Elk season. One Shot, One Kill (It was perfect! Passed through both lungs and turned the heart into jelly....literally!) Elk ran 10 yards and fell

Thank you so much for a fantastic product! I love it!


I just wanted to thank you for shipping me your amazing product. We sighted in 6 guns in a matter of one hour. 4 or which had new scopes and rings just placed on them. Everyone in my crew was amazed. I couldn’t imagine how much money we saved using AccuScope especially with the guys that were using the 300 WBY and 7mm STW cartridges. We were successful. I shot a 140 class buck an hour into hunting season. Thank you for all of your help!

Devon G.

After of buying $200 of ammo and spending time on the target range I almost gave up. I saw this on YouTube so I bought it. After putting 3 rounds on the paper I did what the card said to do and I am dead on center at 100 yards. THANK YOU ACCUSCOPE it works.

Chris S.
New Jersey

This little chart is amazing. I bought the 1/4" - 1/2" MOA chart and it is dead on with my Gamo Whisper. The 1/4" works with my scope and the 1/2" works with my red dot sight. For those who don't know, what it does is tell you how many clicks to adjust your scope in the windage and elevation values. It doesn't’ matter what kind of ammo, scope or rifle you have, because if you know how far off from center you were this will tell you the amount of clicks to adjust your scope.

I wanted to thank you for sending my order so quickly. I am impressed with the quality and "ease of use" of the product. I am a shooting instructor, and I'm sure this item will be of interest to my students. I plan to incorporate the AccuScope into my rifle shooting program. I'll be glad to forward the student's responses in the future. I'll be glad to recommend the "AccuScope" to my associate instructors as well as the students. Thanks again for the great customer service.

Pete G.

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