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Product Questions

Will AccuScope work with all scopes?

AccuScope will work with all scopes using ¼”, ½” and 1/8” MOA.

Does it matter what caliber or ammunition I use?

No, it does not matter. AccuScope works with all calibers and ammunition brands. The AccuScope slide chart works with whatever ammunition you are sighting in with.

How do I determine the MOA of my scope?

Usually from your manual, but it can often be found under the dial caps on the scope’s adjustment knobs.

Is AccuScope a ballistics chart?

No, AccuScope is a slide chart used for “Initial Sight-In” or “In the Field Adjustments” to your scope. AccuScope can also be used anytime you change ammunition or choose a different sight in distance.

Why is AccuScope beneficial to the shooter?

The AccuScope slide chart reduces the confusion associated with the sighting in process. AccuScope will automatically determine the number of adjustment clicks needed to zero your scope at various shooting distances – from 25yds to 200yds in 25yd increments.

Which AccuScope slide chart should I purchase?

You need to purchase the AccuScope slide chart that matches the MOA that your scope reflects. AccuScope offers two different charts. The first chart is dedicated to the 1/8” MOA scopes. The second chart covers the ¼” and ½” MOA scopes.

General Questions

When should I check my scope/firearm accuracy?

Anytime before going hunting, anytime your firearm is dropped or your scope is potentially moved from some impact. You don’t want to be adjusting your scope during the hunt.

What is a bore sighter?

A bore sighter is a name given to a variety of products that help you get a rough sight-in between your scope and your firearm.

Is my firearm sighted in if has been bore sighted?

No! The bore sighter only gets you on the paper. Final adjustments will need to be made to zero your scope.

What is windage?

Windage is the left or right direction from the target center.

What is elevation?

Elevation is the up or down direction from the target center.

Does proper scope mounting and alignment effect accuracy?

Scope mounting misalignment and an unstable scope attachment can reduce shot accuracy. Make certain your bases and rings are aligned and securely fastened to your firearm and scope.

Should I buy a ¼” MOA, a ½” MOA, or an 1/8” MOA scope?

It is strictly a preference for the shooter, but the majority and most popular is the ¼”.

Target Questions

What does “On the Paper” mean?

“On Paper” is the ability to fire a test shot at a known distance and hitting a paper target. This is usually done at 25 yards for initial sight in.

Shooting Questions

How does ammunition effect accuracy?

Ammunition characteristics can vary among manufacturers. Experiment with different brands and styles of ammunition to identify which ammunition provides the ‘tightest shot group” for your firearm. Sight in your firearm using this ammunition.

Does barrel cleanliness really matter?

A dirty barrel can reduce shot accuracy. With your firearm unloaded, clean the inside of your barrel often.

How does barrel temperature effect accuracy?

A hot barrel can reduce shot accuracy. Shoot a three shot group and let your barrel cool down before shooting again.

What about parabolic drop?

Always sight in your firearm at a selected shooting distance that represents your most probable shooting distance in the field.

Will wind drift really effect accuracy?

At close shooting distances, accuracy will usually not be affected. However, at longer ranges, wind drift can reduce shot accuracy.

How does scope and firearm precision effect accuracy?

Shot accuracy is dependent upon the precision of your scope, rings, ring bases and firearm. Purchasing high quality, precision equipment will increase your shot accuracy.

What if I don’t have access to a shooting range?

Select a shooting distance 25, 50, 75yds etc. and start the sight in process with AccuScope. Always sight in from a bench rest position.

Tell me about “Flinching”?

Many shooters are affected by this. Concentrate and practice.

What factors can affect my shot consistency?

Many factors effect your shot, but the most important is practice, practice, practice. Once your firearm is sighted in, nothing substitutes for familiarity gained from practice.

How do I determine the “center” of a three group shot?

Mentally or physically draw a straight line between the center points of each hole in your three shot group. The center point of this triangulation is your center.

What is a three group shot?

It is three consecutive shots at a target trying to shoot exactly at the same spot on a target.

Why does my shot vary on the target after I have made all adjustments?

Many factors can make your shot vary, including wind, temperature, ammunition, the shooter, etc.

Ordering Questions

Can I cancel an order online?

At this time, you are not able to cancel your order online. To make changes or cancel an order already in progress, please Contact us.

What do I do if I accidentally place a duplicate order?

While we cannot catch every duplicate order, our system is set us to flag potential duplicate orders. If you feel you may have placed a duplicate order, please Contact Us.

Where can I direct my feedback about your online services?

If you have any questions regarding online ordering or our web site that are not answered here, please Contact Us via email.

Shipping Questions

What shipping methods do you offer?

We use USPS as our main shipping carrier.

How long will my order take to ship?

Orders are generally shipped 1-3 business days after your payment has cleared.

Will I be able to see my total cost, including shipping and tax, before I order?

Yes. Your total cost, including estimated shipping, handling and tax, will be displayed for your review before you submit your order.

What if I need my order sent to me fast?

If you need to receive an order faster than the methods provided on this site, you can contact us to discuss other options.

Security Questions

What security measures do you offer for ordering online with a credit card?

You can be confident in knowing that is committed to the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. We implement and maintain compliance with industry leading security initiatives such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. We utilize a combination of SSL certificates and work with the largest payment processor providers to ensure your data is safe every time.

Do you offer any other security for online purchases?

In addition we offer credit card processing through PayPal ( Credit card purchases transact using PayPal’s secure connection website. During a credit card purchase, personal information (including sensitive credit card information) keyed from your computer transfers to PayPal’s computers using an extremely safe and privacy-protected computer connection. All information retained by PayPal is protected from unauthorized access.

What about my privacy?

Our privacy policy is currently in effect, and applies to all customer-identifiable information we obtain when a customer visits this web site. AccuScope follows the Privacy Policy on its web site.

Is my information safe?

Protecting privacy is not new to AccuScope. We have a long history of recognizing and protecting the privacy of our customers’ information. We care committed to protecting your privacy and utilizing technology that gives you the safest and most powerful online experience available. We want to assure you that when we ask for customer information, our goal is to improve our customer relationships.

What type of information do you collect?

We are committed to protecting your private information. We use the information collected about you to process orders and to provide a more personalized shopping experience. We may also use your information to communicate with you about products, services, and future promotions.

Do you share my personal information?

We do not share customer information, including names and mailing addresses, with third parties and organizations whose products and services may interest you.

Can I opt-out of any correspondence?

If you do not want to receive correspondence from us, you maybe opt out by contacting us.

How safe is this site?

Security measures are in place on this website to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. We offer industry-standard security measures available through you web browser. When you are on this website, the information you provide is encrypted and scrambled en route and decoded once it reaches us. Please remember that e-mail, which is different from the encrypted sessions above, is not secure. Therefore, we ask that you do not send confidential information to us via an unsecured e-mail message. Send confidential information to us via U.S. mail.

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