Dealers Pick SHOT Show - Products That Move!

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Article by John Morrison

At SHOT Show 2007 in Orlando, Shooting Industry’s staff hit the show floor running, ferreting out the best deals, packaging that pops, and products that rack-and-stack right and bark "Buy me!" with terms that won’t bite. We talked to dozens of dealers who picked SHOT Show winners, applying a balance of business savvy that sees the hidden problems and spots the greatest potential.

Here they are, the 2007 Dealers’ Picks straight from the SHOT Show floor.

AccuScope Hits Target With Dealers Chris Schuling (center) and Steve Ugolini (right) of AccuScope attract dealers' attention with their new sighting-in aid.

"Why didn’t somebody think of this before?" asked C.J. Hebert, owner of Hebert Guns in Prairieville, La., while placing an order at the AccuScope booth.

AccuScope is a newly patented, slide-card system that takes all the calculations out of sighting in scopes, while saving time and expensive ammunition. Just fire a first shot or group on a 1-inch grid-sighting target from 25 to 200 yards, then display the number of inches "off-zero" in windage or elevation the impact lies. Another slotted window shows exactly how many clicks are needed to put following shots dead-center.

"I’m always looking for practical new products and AccuScope is really useful. We sell a lot of scopes. I’ve even had shooters call me on their cell phones from where they’re sighting in, asking me all the questions that AccuScope answers. It’s written in simple, easy-to-understand language," Hebert said.

An eye-catching AccuScope small-footprint counter display is free with initial orders. Visit or send email inquiries to:

AccuScope Minute of Angle Scope Sighting Reference Tool

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